Participation Benefits

Participants of the Cairo Franchise Legal Workshop and Symposium will all receive certificates of attendance.

Additional Benefits: Earn CFE credit points


Don’t miss your chance to earn 300  Certified

Franchise Executive education credit points and 100  participation credit points

by attending the Cairo Legal Franchise Workshop and  Symposium

and by becoming an EFDA Member

  • Process:

              * Attend the Cairo Legal Franchise Workshop and Symposium.

              * Pay extra  EGP 500+100= 600 for Egyptians or $50+$100= $150 for non-Egyptians to become an EFDA member . On becoming an EFDA member, you

                 will get 300 CFE Education points and 100 CFE Participation points and will also enjoy discount on CFE enrollment $200 instead of $800.

The Certified Franchise Executive™ Program (CFE) is a career development program offered by the Institute of

Certified Franchise Executives under the International Franchise Association Education Foundation. It provides

franchise professionals the opportunity to grow professionally and reach a recognized standard of excellence in the

franchise community.

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