Legal Franchise Workshop: From Negotiation to Formation

12 January 2019 , Cairo - Egypt

Acknowledgment: IFA has been supportive of EFDA in this initiative and some of the programming is based on sessions from IFA’s Legal Symposium.

General Introduction

  • Why A Workshop and A Legal Symposium

  • What is franchising?

  • The place of franchising in world trade

  • Franchising your Business: A Legal Perspective

I. Establishing an Effective Franchise Relation‏:

A- Franchise requirements and prerequisites

  •  Disclosure requirements: pre-contractual information

  •  Formal requirements: Registration  and contractual agreements

B- Subsequent obligations

*  Trademarks and Intellectual Property Protection

  • Identifying what can and should be protected, as well as when and how to do so domestically and internationally.

  • Devising a strategy for protecting the system’s IP.

  • Drafting and enforcing IP provisions of the franchise agreement.

  • Protecting against threats from within and outside of the franchise system.

  • Assessing changes in the protectability of the portfolio over time.

*  Competition compliance and Disputes

  • Compliance with the rules of competition

  • Litigation against competitors

  • How to settle a dispute with a competitor (without violating antitrust law).

II. The Development of the Franchise

 Global  development methods:

  • Joint venture or a Master Franchise?

  • Traditional benefits of multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees, and whether they remain an attractive proposition for franchisors.

  • Risks and setbacks associated with these sorts of franchisees.

  • Practical suggestions on securing, signing and partnering with multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees.

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